Comprehensive Technological Innovations for Outdated Judicial Systems

  • CET is engaged in discussions at the national level aimed at transforming administrative and operational judicial functions
  • Mobile-first solutions will fundamentally revamp how federal, state and local courts interact with the citizens they serve
  • CET’s 24/7 cash solution is for everyone, including the un/under banked
  • Financial literacy and education programs are also a key part of the solutions we are developing
  • CET’s mobile-first, engaging, omni-payment technology platform will make interactions and payments easier and more likely, reducing operating costs, increasing revenue and improving user satisfaction
0 Million
Number of lost driver's licenses in California due to unpaid fees
$ 0 Million
Lost from unpaid tickets, fines and penalties in Washington DC alone
1 Million
Number of Unbanked or Underbanked Americans
Millions of Hours
Wasted dealing with outdated technology and limited locations and hours of operation
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